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Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive Movement

Joy & sadness, calm & restlessness, balance & imbalance, fatigue & strength.

All of this is part of our lives and we don't welcome all of it.

The greatest treasure I found in yoga and the Tantric philosophy, is the ability of loving acceptance and curiosity - curiosity to experience self and life with all its ups and downs.

Instead of yoga acrobatics, we practice concentration, self-love, concious movement and silence. 

I offer yoga with different focuses, including sensual yoga, creative yoga and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).


Get in touch to either book personalized yoga sessions with me or register for an existing course.


Beyond right and wrong there is a place.

We can meet each other here.



My yoga path


500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training (YA certified)

10 years of daily yoga practice


Further training


Kids & Teen yoga

Yoga Coaching


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